Bathe elevates alt-R&B on new EP 'Bicoastal'

Brooklyn duo Bathe have been on a tear since releasing "Sundress" in July.  Taking a methodical and focused approach to ambient alt-R&B, the duo composed of Devin Hobdy and Corey Smith-West are making music that transcends expectations.  Bicoastal is their strongest work yet, a brilliant mish-mosh of heaven-sent and soulful mood music that will keep you consistently coming back for more. 

A project set somewhere between jet-set and heartbreak, the breathy, reverberating vocals of Hobdy are distant enough to allow the sure-handed guitar of Smith-West to share the stage on the emotionally mature EP.  Beginning with the liminal, Frank Ocean-esque cut "Spanish Moss", Bathe takes you on a journey of cautious yearning, suitable for both coasts, throughout the project's runtime.  Ambient gems of Blonded-level lyricism like "Pull Up" and "Schönefeld" populate the concisely designed project that hits all the right notes for fans of new-wave alt-R&B.  Cuts like "Jetlagged" and "Bolero" emphasize the spectacular creative chemistry between the duo, as voice and instrumental meld into one smooth and dreamily ethereal audio wonderland.  

Bicoastal is the home-away-from-home that you didn't know you needed.  Whether splitting time between east and west, or just missing someone a state away, Bathe's ambient R&B opus sits at the perfect intersection between longing and hopefulness.  

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