Bay Area artist Fortune Noco shares new release ‘Big Moves’

Growing up in the Bay Area has a sense of duality that many other cities don’t have. Separated by a bridge, the differences between San Francisco and Oakland are striking and almost immediately apparent. Still, Oakland serves as a hub of cultural relevance for the Bay Area, as this is where you’ll be greeted by a handful of up-and-coming rappers making noise, and looking to breakout. One of those artists is Fortune Noco, who has just shared a dynamic, engaging new EP in Big Moves.

Across its 8-minute run time, Big Moves provides infectious sonics through its addictive, sleek production and stylish melodies. With an ability to deliver nimble, charismatic flows atop fast-paced, hyphy-influenced instrumentals, Big Moves keeps listeners on their toes throughout. Songs like “Ballin Onna Budget” and “Vertical Ascension” showcase his command of the microphone as he shifts between dynamic cadences at break-neck speed without sacrificing the effectiveness of his melodies. “Limitless” puts the pieces together with an instrumental that draws from classic Bay Area hip-hop while adding a refreshing twist, as he croons smoothly atop the energizing production.

The latest from Fortune Noco, Big Moves provides a series of slick, catchy offerings across 3 tracks.

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