Bay Area rapper RonnieMac recruits Silent 313 for their dynamic new single, “Waldo”

Before the internet, creating a bridge from city to city took a little bit more work than it does now, especially if both cities are on separate coasts. Still, for whatever reason, Detroit and The Bay Area of Northern California have always been kindred spirits, especially when it comes to music. Explained here by Bay Area legend Too $hort, the relationship predates all the way to the early ’90s, and has grown even stronger since the introduction of the internet. Taking the next step in the lineage, Oakland rapper RonnieMac tabs Detroit lyricist, Silent 313 for their engaging new ode to the tradition, “Waldo.”

Produced by CloudyOnTheBeatz, the record starts off instantly catching your attention with chilling piano keys, followed by Ronnie making an aggressive entrance to help further set the tone. Rhyming in the Detroit-centric cadence that has become a staple in Scam Rap, Ronnie showcases a bit of versatility on this record as he sounds comfortable rapping in a situation more set up for Silent, a Detroit native. Taking advantage of the dynamic production, Ronnie ups his energy a bit more on this one as he delivers one of his more memorable verses. As for Si, he comes in banging the door down with a scathing guest verse that creates anticipation for more of his solo work, expected later this year.

Be sure to take a listen to the single above and get familiar with both RonnieMac and Silent 313.

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