Beacon Bloom drop exotic new visuals “Nothing Here But You” [Video]

New Zealand’s electronic trio Beacon Bloom have brought something new to the table with their latest release “Nothing Here But You.” As the world’s first NFT integrated music video, the band takes us on a journey through stunning New Zealand landscapes and past an array of festival vibe characters. This truly is the most captivating video you will have seen all year. What’s an NFT you may ask? Simply, the video has the ability to gain audience interaction like no other; offering their listeners to gain a closer access to the world of Beacon Bloom, including a multitude of prizes including a private concert. All you have to do is scan the hidden QR codes that pop up in the video.

“Nothing Here But You” is a trance of hypnotic elements. Starting off by welcoming you into their tropical paradise of bird song, before taking you into a storm of tribal-esque drums. The track swirls into a pumping beat, pulling in a feeling of intimacy, whilst also giving a pulsing sensation of a neon, vibey, European club aura. The song has a progressive tinge to it, layered in a mix of exotic dripping synths. A whole jungle of wild soundscapes, there is so much to take in. Singer Ryan Ferris provides the timeless vocals on this track, emitting an impassioned and seducing tone.

So if you’re keen to explore the world of Beacon Bloom, or just want to check out some fun games and opportunities, then play along and watch this video!

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