Beatdemons and Quin Nfn connect for the fiery “Fundip” [Video]

Production duo Beatdemons have connected with Quin Nfn for the fiery single “Fundip”, which includes an infectious visual to go along with it. Initially building their profile on the world’s largest producer network BeatStars, Chris Gomez and Mark Hardin were solo producers who teamed up to form Beatdemons, and have thrived ever since- putting their egos to the side and developing a multi-platinum chemistry that is only developing further with time. Their latest, “Fundip”, contains energizing, ceaselessly catchy production and finds them sharing a natural rapport with Quin Nfn, who delivers engaging, charismatically comedic lines atop Beatdemons’ vital instrumentation.

Beatdemons’ production on “Fundip” is lively and catchy, with minimalistic yet triumphant pianos, crisp percussion and driving, powerful 808s creating an enthralling backdrop for Quin Nfn’s dexterous verses. He comes through with clever lines laced with humor, effectively matching the beat’s potent energy with his gripping delivery. The track’s visual is fun-loving and fast-paced, providing a highly cohesive accompaniment that draws the viewer in immediately, enhancing the track’s personality-rich feel.

Regarding the release, Beatdemons say, “we had that vision to eventually work with artists one-on-one and it’s happening. Right now we are excited about our song with Quin Nfn – this song called “Fundip” that’s going crazy. We are kind of just taking our steps and just looking to work with artists, but we met Quin through our homie Cio and it’s just taken off from there.”

“Fundip” makes for a colorful and exciting new offering from Beatdemons and Quin Nfn overall, delivering an electrifying package of vibrant sonics and playful, sharply-crafted visuals.

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