Bedouin releases first remixes from ‘Temple of Dreams’

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to embark on an electrifying musical odyssey as three musical maestros converge to redefine the very essence of sound. We’re talking about none other than the award-winning DJ and producer duo, Bedouin, the techno titan himself, Damian Lazarus, and the multi-platinum hitmaker, Vintage Culture. These luminaries are poised to unleash a sonic revolution, re-envisioning Bedouin’s debut album, “Temple of Dreams.” The collaboration was kicked off on August 25, with the release of their 2-track techno package – remakes of Bedouin’s songs, Voices Inside My Head and Tijuana. Intrigued? You should be, because what these visionaries have in store promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. They’re about to breathe new life into “Temple of Dreams,” offering a fresh perspective on Bedouin’s sonic masterpiece. Get ready to lose yourself in the enchanting realm of music as you’ve never heard it before.

Damian Lazarus, the sonic sorcerer, takes the helm for the first remix, steering “Voices In My Head” into uncharted waters. With the enigmatic vocals of Abousabe and Malki as his muse, Lazarus masterfully blends genres, infusing his signature style and distinctive sound. Prepare to be mesmerized as you journey through the hypnotic landscapes of this track, with deep bass meeting killer rhythm. The groove-worthy track is completed only by the enchantingly chill vocals, and sets rather high expectations for the next track. While talking about the track, Bedouin stated, “The first single off our debut album has been craftily reshaped by our dear friend and long-time supporter Damian Lazarus…Back in 2018, we remixed Damian’s Feedback Loop and we’re stoked to have him now remixing one of ours 5 years later”

Meanwhile, Vintage Culture – the Brazilian virtuoso – steps up to the plate with his own melodic interpretation of Bedouin’s hypnotic composition and their creative rendition of J.J. Cale’s “Tijuana.” Vintage Culture’s energized remix takes listeners on an unpredictable sonic voyage, elevating Malki and Abousabe’s already anthemic piece to an entirely new dimension – and continuing the audible adventure.  On Tijuana, Bedouin mentioned that, “From its inception, Tijuana has been played frequently in our DJ sets across the world. When Vintage Culture delivered the remix, we immediately knew it was going to be one of the biggest bombs for the dance floor and that we had found the perfect remixer for this special track.” Perfect for a pool party or jungle rave, this latest offering has us excited to hear the rest of the project. Join us as we wait to hear more from Bedouin, Damian Lazarus, and Vintage Culture.

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