Bedroom indie-rocker CARR shares new single “Bed Head” [Video]

Pack Records signee Carly McClellan, best known as CARR, shares her new bedroom indie-rock single “Bed Head”. Heavily influenced by late ’90s and early 00s pop-punk, her gritty guitar riffs makes for one big tune.

With raw, lo-fi sounds running underneath CARR’s alt-vocals, the single’s playful nature sees an artist comfortable in her sound. Drawing on Gen Z’s enjoyment of pop-punk, “Bed Head” crashes onto the scene with rousing guitars, thunderous drum patterns and woozy lyricism. A concoction that sees her thriving. “I wrote Bed Head as a fun song that makes you wanna dance around your bedroom,” CARR explains. “It’s cheeky, flirty and has a humorous double entendre, which I love.”

With guitar thuds and an incredibly anthemic chorus, the single is a rousing track that consumes your attention. Emitting Y2K vibes, “Bed Head” will go off when it’s played live.

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