BEL takes us on a serene ‘Drive’ into the depths of our own identity

Singer-songwriter-producer BEL shines once again on her latest single, “Drive.” Hailing from the small town of Clovis, California, the 24-year-old artist produces a host of fresh ideas with her earnest songwriting, divulging into emotions lifted from her own experiences. “Drive” also arrives with her 5-track debut EP Muscle Memory.

On “Drive,” the talented performer meshes the sonic accents of indie, alt-country, and pop that recall the singer-songwriters of the 70s. However, BEL brings upon an aura of sonic modernity that allows her to stand out all on her own. “Drive” is elevated by her luminous vocals that serve as a restorative force for those in search of solace. The track’s production elegantly flows along like a gentle stream, lending itself to a state of relaxation for listeners at hand. The alluring four-minute endeavor is dripping in nostalgia, but the theme of the track offers insight into one’s own identity. A track that places observers at the crossroads of recognizing both the truths and falsehoods behind oneself. 

“Drive” is for the people who, like me, plan their exit strategy at a party the second they arrive. It’s about taking the power back from my anxiety and prioritizing my happiness,” BEL shares over email. She goes on to add, “After being at a party where I just didn’t fit in, feeling totally in my head the whole time, I reflected on why I felt the need to fit in with people I didn’t have anything in common with. It’s ultimately a song about learning how to be comfortable on my own, comfortable in my own skin.”

“Drive” follows the release of her 2021 singles “Isn’t It Romantic?,” “Something Beautiful,” and “Trending Water.” All four tracks are taken from her debut EP Muscle Memory out now.

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