Bella Kelly shares video for "Heartbreak Motel" [Video]

Alternative pop singer/songwriter Bella Kelly shares her sophomore single, "Heartbreak Motel," alongside its captivating visual. The somber piano-driven ballad details the pain and anguish that comes with being in love, vulnerable, and lacking the strength to crawl out of that dark place. Kelly's vocal performance is remarkable as she makes use of a hushed sultry delivery that oozes emotional trauma and pure melancholy. The track is bolstered by a grand piano-driven minimalistic backdrop courtesy of producer/engineer David Gnozzi who creates a dynamic ebb and flow environment for Kelly's intimate melodic runs. The slow build-ups, short silence, and transitions in the song also add an unprecedented urgency and emotional payoff as the tension eases off bit by bit.

Award-winning director Vicente Cordero takes charge and delivers a beautiful cinematic video that plays out like a noir suspense thriller. He makes use of performance shots, subtle dark aesthetics that truly brings out Bella Kelly's unique and distinct beauty and style. From her signature half-shaved hair, the imposing majestic angel wings to the dark edgy fashion, Cordero brings the different elements in full circle with seamless cut scenes and slow-motion effects to drive the tragic tale of the three main characters forward without losing the plot or being too obvious.

Bella Kelly is a songwriter/poet whose debut single "Throat", was released in 2020 and her anti-pop star style is what makes her stand out. She is candid, comfortable in her skin, and only releases music that feels authentic to her. 

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