Bellatrix doesn’t know how to escape “Bad Love”

Today, alt-pop artist Bellatrix shares the new glimmering single “Bad Love”. Bellatrix depicts her talent in the form of an electro-pop track that discloses the truth about a toxic relationship.

“How the fuck am I supposed to deal with this?”, Bellatrix sings from the very beginning, immediately intriguing audiences. Her unique, otherworldly vocals might remind one of Grimes. Bellatrix creates a glossy electro-pop track full of pulses, drones, and space glitches. It feels a little claustrophobic, which is exactly how Bellatrix feels within the lyrics.

“Bad Love is a realisation, and the lyrics speak for themselves. I can remember being sat in a candlelit circle with my womxn’s group, and saying ‘I know that I’m in an abusive relationship, but right now I can’t see the door,” she says. “I was finally able to be completely real with myself about the situation. It felt like a moment that I could rest in, and prepare myself for what was to come next. There was a lot of grief, and not knowing, and also compassion. For me, and for them.”

The name of her forthcoming album, I Was An Aphid, is inspired by American feminist and civil rights activist Audre Lorde. Like “Bad Love”, it will tell in greater depth about Bellatrix’s struggles and her triumphs in leaving an abusive relationship. It’s not very common for someone to be so vulnerable about these experiences, and her story can relate to others. She promises audiences with originality and ingenuity.

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