Ben Hazlewood returns with heart wrenching single “Lying”

The ‘it factor’ has always been a know-it-when-you-see-it kind of arrangement. But in the pop world, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Ben Hazlewood may just be the physical embodiment of the concept. He’s got the look, the personality and most prevailing of all, the unmistakable voice – one powerful enough to captivate all on its own. Having explored the potential of his sound for the past few years, Hazlewood sounds resoundingly confident and his latest single “Lying” is the perfect summation and introduction to his breathtaking effort.

“Lying” is an unforgettable, stadium-sized pop anthem with genuine emotion woven into every unifying line. Naturally, his one-of-a-kind voice takes centre stage, spinning a narrative on a circumstance we’ve all no doubt experienced, and perhaps even experiencing right now, saying that things are okay when they’re not. Hazlewood elucidates, “‘Lying’ is about putting on a brave face while hiding the fight of an internal pain and the fear of being vulnerable. Sometimes it’s easier to be lost in a lie than to face a truth that could expose and unravel you.

“Lying” is out now independently, a true standout from his debut album Bloodline.

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