Ben Hazlewood stands strong on “Lay Me Down” [Video]

Australian singer-songwriter Ben Hazlewood spent the past few years quietly plying his ever-expanding audience with one stellar release after another, exploring the breadths of his refined pop sound. From what we’ve heard of his forthcoming debut album, however, it’s clear he’s truly found his creative voice and is no doubt to soon turn his status from burgeoning artist to pop elite.

His first offering of 2020, “Lay Me Down,” is a confident introduction to his world. Occupying a similarly sonic pocket of the likes of Sam Smith, much of the focus, the visual included, is on his one-of-a-kind voice and delivery, and it certainly steals the show. His honeyed falsetto sets the overarching themes in the opening verse before the layers of gospel-inspired vocals harmonies create a powerfully emotive wall of sound.

Speaking to these aformentioned themes, Ben elucidates, “This song is about yearning for the comfort of the one you love, trying to find peace in a time surrounded by darkness.” Expect this and so much on Bloodline, arriving later this year.

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