Benny the Butcher shares raw new single "Pyrex Picasso"

Legendary Buffalo rapper Benny the Butcher has shared a hard-hitting new single called "Pyrex Picasso", featuring Conway the Machine and Rick Hyde. This dark, rugged release is piercingly intense, providing a head-banging instrumental and verbose flows.

Sonically, the heart of "Pyrex Picasso" is a chilling piano line full of mysterious, shadowy energy. Complemented by devious guitars, the piano soars over top of hefty drums. Underneath, rumbling bass provides an adrenaline-fuelled groove that absorbs the listener in its intensity. The overall production on this single is harsh yet inviting, giving this release much replay value. Moreover, Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine, and Rick Hyde provide sharply written verses that make for an immense display of lyrical power.

All in all, "Pyrex Picasso" is a strong release from Benny the Butcher, as the instrumental is enigmatic and raw, and the three rappers come through with equally gritty vocal performances. The three share a natural chemistry on this release that is infectious, making for an entertaining listen full of fiery energy.

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