Bensbeendead. releases moving new project ‘LOVELY CREATURES’ with ALT:Vision Records

Portland-based composer, singer and producer Bensbeendead. celebrates the release of his sophomore project, LOVELY CREATURES released via ALT:Vision Records. Honing his craft in thematic storytelling through thoughtfully produced music, Bensbeendead. peppers a potpourri of styles across the project; creating blissful soundscapes, and delivering a sensational exemplification of his proficiencies by weaving together a fully realized vision via this eight track body of work.

Opening with "MANY MOONS", atmospheric, harmonizing synths and somber vocals pave way for the remaining 7 tracks.  LOVELY CREATURES features brooding cuts like "HOW YOU LIKE IT" and "FEELS LIKE DANCING", alongside haunting tracks like "FRENCH EXIT", and the introspective and eclectically produced "WALKING BACKWARDS". Featuring cinematic builds and anthemic breakdowns, "REPLICA" is a climactic point in the project. The melancholy "AMI?" is the penultimate track, preceding the closing finish of "GIVE ME A CALL".

Sharing on the debut of his latest project, Bensbeendead. shares that “LOVELY CREATURES was the result of trying to make something a little less intro- spective than my last project, but something more universal. I really wanted to cap- ture all the different sides of myself – and with that, all the different sides of being human and the emotions that go with it," he explains.

Bensbeendead.’s style can be described as a dreamy blend of electronic pop and alt-R&B laden with airy synths and bubbly percussion. He seeks to comfort the disturbed by producing sonic landscapes that create an escape from daily life and inspire creativity. Ben started making music around 5 years ago and he quickly caught the ear of his local music scene. In 2019 he was chosen by fellow Maine artist Spose to open for a country-wide tour in over 23 states. From there, Ben released a few singles that culminated in a partnership with an independent record label called OFF CENTER. Ben released his debut project GARDENING in the fall of 2020.

Putting thoughts into words provides a welcome respite from his anxiety around finding his personal identity and importance of the world at large. In today’s turbulent climate, this is also his main hope for his audience. His haunting vocals paired with deeply thematic storytelling make his music a delicious offering to the youth. 

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