Berlin duo BLYNE weave a dreamy sonic treat on EP 'Ethereal'

Berlin-based duo BLYNE offer an enticing sonic treat on their new EP Ethereal, a five-track collection of feel-good tracks stocked with catchy pop and alt-electro feels. With hazy vocals that allow the earworm instrumentation to shine, the artist and producer pair tap into their trademark ambient synth sound to draw us to a world that feels far away from life’s troubles.

From the wispy delicate touch of opener “Breathe,” to the anthemic build of synths and elegant feel of “Genuine Love,” the duo immediately establish their sonic range moving smoothly from gentleness to fierce confidence. Already released track “Randomness” remains the stand-out of the EP with its sleek synth sensibilities and dreamy vocals.

BLYNE realise their full genre-hopping abilities on “Religion,” a layered offering founded on soft beats and glitchy electronic sonics with touches of clear guitars. Bass-heavy, hypnotic finisher “Drum ‘n’ Heaven” bring Ethereal to a perfect end with BLYNE managing to weave a collage of varying genres and sounds into one cohesive electro-pop atmospheric soundscape.

Crafted to reflect the transience and timelessness of love equally, BLYNE’s latest foray is one that pulls into a sweet, melodic dream that leaves us uplifted and optimistic as the final shred of synths fade. 

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