Berlin’s LEEPA returns with a work of “Fiction” [Video]

Everyone has a soft spot for a ballad. With the sadder shades of pop currently dominating, intertwining the two seems like a no brainer and Berlin-based LEEPA has just that with her latest single, “Fiction.” Her first release since her debut project FREE LEEPA, the inspired 21-year-old appears to brim with well-earned confidence.

A sombre set of staccato chords lay the foundation for LEEPA’s enchanting tones. Her melancholic voice sweeps, marrying the lovesick lyricism with the production, which flickers between positively uplifting and dutifully downbeat with each passing cadence. Evolving through shades of alt-pop and R&B, what becomes most evident is her affinity of stellar songwriting, which will no doubt continue to blossom.

It’s clear that LEEPA is not interested in virality, trends and flavors of the month, something notable for her growing fan base. “I want a group to come together step by step that really understands what I mean,” she says in a statement. “I want people who identify with me and then start working together.” 

Speaking to her recent works in the same email statement, she outlines, “After my ‘DIY-Tracks’ from my first release FREE LEEPA EP, I now pay a lot more attention to the vocals in my productions to make sure that they have enough room to breathe. On the other hand, I want to counteract sad lyrics with light sounds or colorful videos – it brings hope. I want to comfort people because I know what it’s like when you need help and nobody is there.”

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