Beso Palma teams up with Gia Vorne for "Without Measure"

Rising Sydney-based producer Beso Palma releases his new Single “Without Measure” with the aid of R&B vocalist Gia Vorne. The pop-infused cut is ripe with lush keys, pulsing basslines, and smooth backlines that allow both artists to shine. Vorne leads the pack with her high-pitched melodic runs peppered by Palma's low tone background harmonies and the result is an organic blend of styles that take cues from 90's cuts. The track details the true meaning of unconditional love on the track and delivers a heartfelt message that we feel couples might learn from. 

“Without Measure” is the follow-up to his previous singles and the third release from Palma’s upcoming debut EP, Us, out in October 2021. He also has other projects under his belt, including his 2020 instrumental project Beats Vol. 1: Verano, and Beso Bumps EP features up and coming Australian musicians.

Get "Without Measure" on SoundCloud.

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