Besomorph drops a massive collab with Scott Rill, Andrei and Snoop Dogg

“Want 2” by Besomorph, Scott Rill, and Andrei featuring Snoop Dogg is a monumental collaboration that brings together one of the world’s most iconic artists in popular music culture. The fusion of Brazilian Bass and Slap House creates a unique and captivating sound, enriched by a darker and bass-heavy twist. Snoop Dogg’s commanding vocals take center stage, delivering an intense and fast-paced rhythm that perfectly complements the pounding beat. The lyrics add depth to the track, while the overall atmosphere is gritty and ominous, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Besomorph’s remarkable ability to create dance-focused music with compelling lyrics is evident in “Want 2.” With over a billion streams across various platforms and numerous accolades to his name, including songwriting competition wins and recognition from YouTube, Besomorph continues to establish himself as a prominent artist. His music has been featured on Netflix and synced with prestigious venues such as the Dubai Atlantis Fountains. As he blends hip-hop and house, Besomorph fulfills a childhood dream, and his passion and dedication are apparent in every note. “Want 2” is a testament to Besomorph’s exceptional talent and serves as another milestone in his remarkable career.

Listen in full below

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