Big Body Bes shows us strength in new track "Tears of a Tiger" [Video]

Big Body Bes, an Albanian king from New York City, releases a new single "Tears of a Tiger." Being a beautiful paradox, this track is filled with a rough voice that gives you chills in his projection over a soothing production.

Big Body Bes is undeniably an icon in his own rite, being associated with Action Bronson and also being on many of Action Bronson's tracks, such as "Durag vs. Headband" and "The Rising" on Mr. Wonderful. On "Tears of a Tiger," he brilliantly paints a picture through the visual, as he walks around all of NYC being respected, showing up in the streets, as we see Fordham Road and the 4 train in the Bronx, New York. His words are uttered with such strength, as his tone paints a masterpiece through music using lyrical skill. Seeing him carry heart in his delivery, this is undeniably metaphorical to the words he utters as we hear him spew pure poetry in the form of hip-hop, such as "Tears of a Tiger, Soul of a lion." We quickly become witnesses to the strength in his soul as it parallels beautifully, mirroring the weight in his words.
What makes this track even better is that the background music is classic, as we hear a play on instrumental jazz, with clarinet, piano keys, and drums. When you put on "Tears of a Tiger," you will not only hear it, but you will feel it.
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