Big Sean releases “Deep Reverence” collab with the late Nipsey Hussle Tha Great

Just a few days after Nipsey Hussle’s birthday Detroit rapper Big Sean released his powerful collab with the late rapper called “Deep Reverence.” 
Big Sean tweeted that he decided to drop “Deep Reverence” last night because the world needs to feel Nipsey’s presence. We undeniably agree! By opening the track, Nipsey Hussle paved the way for the transcendent power that is present throughout “Deep Reverence,” affirming that his legacy is forever left here on earth even with his passing. Hearing the passion and strength in Nipsey’s voice is tied directly with the incredible wordplay, “I’m a street legend, the block loves me with some deep reverence. I was birthed in the C-section.” 
Big Sean’s delivers an impeccable flow and delivery, which makes for a smooth transition between the two featured artists. Through heavy-hearted words, Sean’s witty metaphors toggle between existential themes of reality to the spiritualism. There are even moments of undisclosed interactions, with Sean explaining how he reached out to fellow industry titan Kendrick Lamar in order to clear the air of past tensions between the two.
The impact that Nipsey had on the industry and those involved in the project is seen throughout “Deep Reverence,” especially regarding the relationships between people and communities. The uplifting spiritual production provided a heavenly feel, to create a sermon backdrop for Big Sean to drop hopeful lyrics like, “Looking at my life story, God’s a good author.” Press play and elevate your soul to the sky.
Stay tuned for Detroit 2, Big Sean’s new album that’s finally coming out on September 4th. Rest in Peace Nipsey Hussle. 
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