Billy Vena shares the irrefutably groovy “Disco Maniac”

Everybody has songs that they gravitate toward when they want to put a spring in their step. Elusive newcomer and Texas-native Billy Vena has just that and then some, with the irrefutably groovy and transformatively uplifting “Disco Maniac.”

With his explosive psych-pop debut “Space Hippie” not long in the rearview mirror, Billy Vena is clearly eager to show the many dimensions of his nuanced sound. He fully embraces his signature flavours without deviating from a distinctly authentic pop style. Equal parts Bee Gees (especially with his vocal), and early 00’s Neptunes, Billy weaves together recognizable aesthetics from his lifetime love affair with pop icons who came before him to craft something nostalgic and familiar, yet fresh and distinctly his own.

Speaking to the track in an email statement, he outlines that – despite the song’s feel-good sensibilities, “Disco Maniac is essentially about being raised by a television and wishing to live in an era you weren’t alive to experience. It’s about dreaming of a scenario in which you can live out that certain fantasy.”

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