Binki releases genre-defying single “Revolve”

It truly takes a special kind of artist to develop such a large fan base off the back of a handful of releases, yet one artist doing exactly that right now is binki. A performer at his core, binki has quickly turned heads for his innovative fusion of pop, funk, and classic rock swagger. Looking to build off of his ever-growing fanbase, he just released another genre-defying single “Revolve” from his upcoming MOTOR FUNCTION EP.

binki · Revolve

From the very start of the track, binki comes on with a kinetic urgency that mirrors that of traditional punk music. The production lays the groundwork for the high-energy song, layering heavy drums and guitars interspersed with short electronic instruments that surprise listeners throughout the single. Even with the heavily complex production, binki is able to shine with a delivery and lyrics that remain on par with the maturity of the instrumental. Speaking with complete emotional clarity and quick wordplay, he’s able to reel listeners in and at the same time bring the energy up in whatever venue the song is played. It’s incredibly hard to pinpoint what genre “Revolve” could even be placed in, but all that really matters is that it’s able to bring out a raw rebellious spirit in listeners that will have them mirroring the energy from the track wherever they are. Binki reveals, “Revolve is about magnetism. Opposites attract and all that, but also the opposite is true. For better or worse. What pulls us together and what pushes us apart?”

Getting placed on some of the biggest playlists in the world and even being featured on an Apple iPad campaign, binki is clearly up next. Make sure to check out his debut EP MOTOR FUNCTION releasing August 13 via FADER label.

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