Black Marble covers Wire’s “In Manchester”

Black Marble is the solo synth wave project of Chris Stewart. First debuting in 2012, his music draws influence from cold wave, early-80s synth pop. As a follow-up to his 2019 album, Black Marble is soon releasing an EP, I Must Be Living Twice, featuring all cover songs. The first single is a cover of “In Manchester” by British postpunk band, Wire.

The song itself is catchy and upbeat and while the cover doesn’t stray too far from the original version, it has a distinct Black Marble quality to it. Lo-fi with a sleepy essence, it trades most of the guitars for dark synths and the drums for drum machines. Speaking on the subject of cover songs in a press release, Stewart says, “Most musicians are fans first and covers are a way for bands to show this.”

See below for the other songs to which Black Marble pays homage in the EP, which releases via Sacred Bones on August 14:

01 “Johnny And Mary” (Robert Palmer Cover)

02 “Golden Age” (Lives Of Angels Cover)

02 “In Manchester” (Wire Cover)

04 “Emma’s House” (The Field Mice Cover)

05 “Poison Tree” (Grouper Cover)

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