Blake Rave explores romantic turmoil on “Lesson in Disappointment”

US-hailing, London-based singer/songwriter Blake Rave explores a tale of all-too-familiar romantic turmoil on cinematic anthem “Lesson in Disappointment,” building on a rock-tinged musicality of vibrant guitar riffs and punchy drums alongside angsty vocals.

Witty yet poignant, the crisp track muses on the tribulations of love framed by an anthemic chorus and poetic lyricism. Led by a signature style that blends indie and country roots with soulful messages, Rave whose knack for storytelling wins our hearts taps into the healing touch of music on each note.

Speaking of the track, he says, “Ripped from the pages of my dating diary, this song is about being let down by someone I had really high hopes for.” The melancholy nature of the storyline is met with a sense of optimism, and a recognition of perhaps being better off alone.

With a simple rawness meeting a swooping expansive feel, the track makes for a resonant listening experience.

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