Blaq Carrie creates her own lane on debut album ‘RUWA’

Blaq Carrie releases a fresh new album RUWA, with the 9-track album encapsulating the rapper’s struggles, highlights and achievements through-out her musical career. RUWA sees BC unfold beautifully within herself, leaving no facet of her life untethered, stripped bare for the world to hear and see.

Whilst each single has a story of its own, there are a few highlights that shine through and speak to every listener. On the single “Day Ones,” BC raps with conviction, making it known that the people who have supported her from the beginning are her true allies. The single “Africa on My Mind,” sees BC dig into her roots, whilst her rhymes sift seamlessly through the song, her roots grow within her hard-hitting lyrics that really drives the single home. Whilst “Since 2010” is a more nostalgic single, it sees her reflect on the old days whilst remembering her future as it echoes in the song. 

In 2013 BC had her first breakout, however it is this debut album that really cements BC’s space in the hip-hop scene. Her humble, yet hard-hitting music showcases that she’s not only an artist to relate to, but also one that has paved her own lane and continues to do so. 

Having maintained a strong presence in the scene, BC was born and raised in Zimbabwe and is now based in Brisbane, Australia. 

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