Blaqbonez’s “BBC” is exactly what you think it is

Nigerian rapper turned Afropop singer Blaqbonez turns up the heat on his new single “BBC” which is an acronym for, you guessed right, but I will leave it to you to say it. The versatile act who started out as a ferocious battle rapper has now forayed into the mainstream consciousness with tracks like “Haba” and his hilarious IG skits. The kid even went as far as to shoot his own genius lyric breakdown here and it’s funny to the bone marrow (see what I did there?).

The track is a dancehall-Afropop blend that is bolstered by its smooth catchy texture and pulsating riddim that sounds like an early party burner. Blaqbonez ramps up the innuendoes for the most part  but the message is quite vivid when he sings “She tell me say the ting sweeter than a honey ting/Got the ting got her body shaking like a jelly bean.”  He doesn’t shy away from what he terms his natural gift and even goes a far to boast “Shey na my fault cos for bed I be like stallion/ shey na my fault I bring fire like a dragon” in a carefree melodic tone. Even with its highly suggestive lyrics, Blaqbonez tempers it with funny quips and his faux patois and Nigerian-English stylings.

“BBC” is his second single released in 2020 and it is the lead single from his forthcoming, yet to be untitled EP. Get “BBC” on all platforms here.

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