Blonde Diamond unleash their slinky new single “Red Flags” [Video]

Sometimes we can have rose-colored glasses on when it comes to love. Those glaring signs of toxicity right in front of you can be easily overlooked. Blonde Diamond’s new single “Red Flags” is all about a seemingly storybook romance that progresses into something more sinister. The track features spirited drums, wistful guitars and vibrant bass. Those feel-good vibes are juxtaposed by vocals passionately singing of a negative situation.

The accompanying visuals for the tune evoke retro feels through props like vintage Playboy Magazines, glass coke bottle and an old fashion phone. Portraying all the classic scary movie setups, there are various jump-scares that leave the viewer on edge. From taking a bubble bath to peaking through the blinds, everything about this video screams horror a la Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween. The band reveals, “For this music video, we wanted to find a way to subliminally convey the emotional and physical toll of abuse as an ominous presence lurking from the shadows.”

Blonde Diamond is known for a rich synth-pop sound that is simply mesmerizing. The Vancouver-based band is comprised of Alexis Young (lead vocals/keys), Malcolm Holt (drums), Louis Hearn (guitar), and Bruce Ledingham (keys). Playing shows all across the globe their fervent fan base continues to grow. “Red Flags” is another fine example of that dreamy sound on full display.            

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