Blossom Hill unveils first single “Are They Here Yet” from forthcoming EP

British born, Berlin based DJ-producer and talented photographer Blossom Hill drops his debut track “Are They Here Yet” from his forthcoming EP, out now on his own label, Loose Fit Records.

The euphoric house tinged single, gives a glimpse of what’s to come from the rising producer as “Are They Here Yet” fuses grooving vocals with ethereal strings and pumping drums that will carry through to every corner of the dance floor. Marking an uplifting ensemble of energy and soul, Blossom Hill sets himself up nicely for the EP to come.

Often placed within the realms of experimental house music as he combines wavy sound textures as demonstrated on “Are They Here Yet”, Blossom Hill finds influence in fellow peers like Floating Points, jamesjamesjames and Glimji to name a few. This latest single, along with the upcoming EP was all written in the producer’s Berlin bedroom, pouring every emotion into his work ranging from curiosity, fear, and resilience. With its emotional and immersive elements, “Are They Here Yet” definitely points to hope, positivity and good times and the full EP is sure to take listeners on a introspective journey that explores every feeling.

Blossom Hill also draws his own personal meaning from the new single, “Are they here yet?” – Originally called “are you there yet”. The track name was about dealing with the pressure of everyone’s, including my own, expectations. However, meaning of the message in the track itself has changed over time. It’s now become that feeling just before your friends arrive for a night out. It have evolved into a sort of anthem for me to trust the process and believe whatever comes next will be beautiful. It is a song about the feeling that you know something great is about to happen, you just gotta get there. It’s the incentive to keep going and remain hopeful in times of doubt.”

Along with this promising debut release, Blossom Hill looks forward to his tour starting off in Berlin and London and is sure to bring the magic of his bedroom beats to life. Already making a name for himself ahead of the EP release with backing from Seb Wildblood, O’Flynn, Helena Starr and Moxie, the best is yet to come for Blossom Hill.

Blossom Hill – “Are They Here Yet” is out now, buy / stream here.