Blush’Ko captures a glimpse of summer in soulful new single “Hallucinations”

Returning with a soulful, bouncy and eccentric new single is Australian producer Blush’ko.  “Hallucinations” is a mesmerizing blend of house and R’n’B, offering a tantalizing preview of his forthcoming second album. Released through Sidekick Music, this track underscores the Melbourne-based artist’s knack for crafting emotional narratives within infectious beats. Produced in collaboration with Sergiio, “Hallucinations” explores themes of vulnerability and self-reflection, wrapped in a playful, cheeky vibe.

Blush’ko’s smooth vocals and lyrical depth shine as he navigates the concept of feeling ‘whipped’—aware of being taken advantage of yet willingly going along. The song’s production is lush, melding soulful melodies with danceable rhythms, creating an evocative listening experience.

Having shared stages with renowned artists like Goldlink and Jhene Aiko, Blush’ko’s influence is evident in “Hallucinations,” which is poised to captivate both long-time fans and new listeners alike. His upcoming album promises an eclectic mix of soul, R’n’B, blues, and surf rock, inspired by the likes of Tame Impala and Silk Sonic.

It’s a track, that’s drenched in the sound and scents of summer. Rich in groove and uplifting vibes.

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