Bobby Fishscale and Lil $o$o beautifully deliver new single "Go Ooh" [Video]

Bobby Fishscale and Lil $o$o come together to drop "Go Ooh"—a laid-back yet catchy track that exudes confidence with every line.

Signed to Roc Nation, it is no surprise that Bobby Fishscale drops an impeccable flow throughout this latest track. Lil $o$o's delivers a chilling yet angelic voice, a smooth lyrical delivery that holds a soft power, so much so that when she utters every word, we feel like she is singing a lullaby. Her ability to perfectly give us a calm feeling while exuding confidence is magical. Bobby Fishscale also does his thing alongside Lil $o$o, as his flow is calmer than usual, intelligently letting every single word flow through seamlessly with masterful timing. The guitar strings, the snappy beats, and the drums in the production help create the ideal background. Press play and shine bright as we watch these two Florida hip-hop titans radiate both musically and through the diamonds present in the visual. 
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