Bodega Bamz shines on "LET THE LORD WORK!"

New York's Bodega Bamz has shared an intense new track called "LET THE LORD WORK!," which finds him weaving intricate flows on top of a raw production. The veteran emcee sounds as sharp as ever on this release, further solidifying himself as one of the most consistent rappers out of the New York area in recent memory. 

Sonically, "LET THE LORD WORK!" features heavy, glitchy samples that swirl over a dusty drum line. With deep bass mooring the beat and organic sounding percussion rounding it out, this track is an energizing listening experience. Over top of the rugged instrumental, Bamz comes through with some piercing, commanding verses that have a timeless feel, giving the track an exciting flavor.

Overall, "LET THE LORD WORK" is another strong release from Bodega Bamz, who has remained highly consistent recently. His combination of modern and classic New York hip-hop sounds is enthralling, and his songwriting skills remain refined. Hopefully this release signals more to come soon from him, as it is likely that the future will remain bright for this underground veteran.

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