Boh Doran channels the chaos on “On Fire” [Video]

Indie-pop artist Boh Doran‘s single “On Fire” and it is a much-needed cathartic release. Imagine unexpectedly discovering you are pregnant and your whole way of life changes. You are not going out as much, you feel bloated and tired all the time. Then on top of all that once your child is born the country goes into lockdown and you are facing another new normal. Well, that’s exactly the emotional rollercoaster she faced. Doran reveals in her press release, “The song is about all the feelings I wanted to stuff away, but sometimes ended up bursting out anyway.” Possessing soft 90s vibes reminiscent of Mazzy Star and Natalie Imbruglia, the track’s soothing, relaxed feels make this song the ideal easy listening experience.

Now she has unveiled the visuals for “ On Fire” and it evokes those same laid-back vibes with its abundant greenery and rich smoky tone. The video showcases a darker look during the day and angel wings at night. That aesthetic seamlessly showcases her concept, illustrating the contrast between creating an image of flawlessness, but also feeling imperfect as well.

Doran is a singer and producer taking the Los Angeles music scene by storm. She has spent years perfecting her craft, writing, producing, DJing and even composing for television. With not only a surprise pregnancy but also an unforeseen home birth, conquering that made her feel as if she could accomplish anything. Her hope is that listeners will also have that same belief in themselves. Watch the angelic visuals now.

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