Bokito look inward on the contemplative “Okok”

With every new release, Irish five-piece Bokito proves time and again that they are quintessential indie rock at it’s absolute finest. Introspective lyrical narratives with the gravitas of a page-turning short novel are delivered by soulfully exuberant vocals, which harmoniously coalesce with the jubilant guitars. Synths, bass and drums complete the outfit’s sonic palette, that fill each pocket with an ever-present infectious groove.

After a humble handful of singles in 2019, they return in full force with the thought-provoking “Okok.” Frontman Moses Moorhouse outlines in the email press release that it refers to “pushing people away who don’t give you exactly what you want and subsequently losing them. Be it friendships, partnerships, even family, we all have a history of doing it.”

The gentle introduction grants acres of spaces for Moorhouse’s introspective falsetto to firmly plant itself in the back of your mind, before the middle eight pulls the rug out from underneath you. The off-beat rhythm ups the ante, with Moorhouse’s vocal grit matching the tense capriciousness with aplomb. Moorhouse goes on to note, “Ben Jackson produced the track and did an amazing job capturing the fragility and insecurity in it.”

With an opening salvo to 2020 this strong, there shouldn’t be much more reason for you to keep an eye on Bokito.

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