Bollo Bollo reveal their instant-classic EP ‘I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This’

Hailing from Buckinghamshire, UK, Bollo Bollo are a refreshing addition to the UK’s Indie scene. Drawing inspiration that ranges from Psych-Rock to genre-defining Indie anthems, the four-piece have honed their sound which is demonstrated powerfully on their freshly released debut EP I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This.

A Post-Punk approach meets swirling soundscapes on opening track “The Lion,” which sees Bollo Bollo infuse hazy melodies with a driving bass line, building the track into a distorted oblivion. Sophomore track “Last Of Our Summers,” brings the listener back down with Pop sensibilities and a summery reverb, infused with a shuffling beat that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Tame Impala offering.

At this point in the EP a common theme of erupting endings is apparent and it’s clear that Bollo Bollo live for a powerful song ending. Third track “Liquid Heaven,” follows, taking on a more melancholic Foals-esque approach with a jangling riff whilst my personal favourite “Mental Mirror,” delivers a delightfully reverberated, dreamy vocals over room-filling drum beats, oozing nostalgia and irresistible rhythm.

Bollo Bollo reach the end of their EP with certified bop “Subject To Change,” once and for all proving that Bollo Bollo have a coherent versatility.


Vocalist Bradley Ayres reveals: ” The EP begins as it ends, with a very progressive and political track. Sandwiched in the middle is a combination of various troubles and difficulties we are faced with on, in some cases, a daily basis. Generally that is what life is, you live in a world of your own battles and sometimes forget the bigger picture. Surround yourself with love and support and things will be better. I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This is an EP that capitalizes on our problems in a way we hope shines a little light on others.”

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