BONNIE X CLYDE connect with FOMO for new club anthem “Need Ya”

Virginia dance artists BONNIE X CLYDE have connected with San Diego’s FOMO for a potent new club anthem called “Need Ya”. Steadily rising in the electronic scene, BONNIE X CLYDE have become known for their multi-dimensional sound ranging from high-energy dance music to vocally-driven songs that walk the line between the rave-friendly and the radio-ready. On “Need Ya”, they showcase a natural chemistry with FOMO, whose engagingly versatile, dynamic style treads similar territory.

“Need Ya” contains electrifying production that opens with expansive vocals drifting atop uplifting keys. As infectious, shuffling percussion and rich, cathartic bass drop in, the song picks up a hypnotizing groove smoothly, helping to give the song its anthemic feel. Eventually climaxing in an adrenaline-fuelled hook that adds raw synths and pounding percussion to an ecstatic effect, “Need Ya” makes for a roof-raising, refreshing listening experience overall.

Regarding the track, BONNIE X CLYDE say, “After experiencing ups and downs in our relationship over the past 2 years, when we met up with FOMO to write a song, naturally, a song about needing someone in your life came out of us. It was a time we felt vulnerable and we’re so happy we were able to reminisce looking back on our experiences, share these emotions with each other, & spill it all out in the creation of this track. We can’t wait for everyone to take this song and make it their own.”

The latest from BONNIE X CLYDE and FOMO, “Need Ya” is a fresh new club anthem that stimulates all the senses, having us excited for what may be coming next from these rising acts.

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