Boom Dice teams up with Lil Esso and Avie Sheck on “Show Me More”

Multi-Grammy nominated/Brit Award winning producer and musician Bryan “Boom Dice” Wilson comes together with Toronto rapper Lil Esso and genre-blended musician Avie Sheck on melodic track “Show Me More,” offering up a swirling mix of synths, crisp beats and textured vocals.

Rooted in Boom Dice’s signature vibrant production, Sheck’s penchant for melodic and rhythmic dance music and Esso’s layered sound, the track distinctly showcases individual talents while coming to life as a cohesive sonic treat, packed with emotion carried by thoughtful lyrics.

Written over Zoom, the track is a melting pot of three stunning musicians who bring their best to the colorful soundscape, allowing Boom Dice to resurrect this addictive anthem and find the right artistic home with for it with help from Sheck and Esso.

“Show Me More,” much like its name leaves in anticipation of what more these three acts have got lined up for us.

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