Boon’s “Can’t Be Love” reminds us we are worth more

Nashville-based, self-produced singer/songwriter and musician Boon is a breath of fresh air.  Combining experimental electronic sounds, with gritty blues rock guitar riffs and dark pop melodies, Boon is creating an intoxicating sound all of his own. 
Born into a musical family with his father as a long time guitarist for Carrie Underwood, the teen engrossed himself into not only songwriting but all elements of musical production. His influences range from The Black Keys to Skrillex and The Weeknd, with listeners being able to hear this amalgamation of sounds in his own releases.  At just 16, he unleashed his debut EP 16, a coming of age record featuring dark electronic-dipped pop songs.  

Boon has returned with the riveting “Can’t Be Love”.  The track begins with a hooky electronic guitar riff under his soulful moody vocals that soon culminate into an explosion of sound complete with frenetic EDM beats and angsty bass. “Can’t Be Love” is all about the realization that someone isn’t right for you.  They treat you less than you deserve and you feel insecure as a result of it. The kaleidoscope of chaotic sounds found in “Can’t Be Love” only further this narrative highlighting the turmoil one feels during a toxic love affair. 
Boon’s extremely infectious songwriting coupled with his genre-bending style, make him an exciting artist to watch. Take a listen to “Can’t Be Love” now and remember what makes you feel loved in a relationship. 
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