Born Allah and Rakaa of Dilated Peoples usher in a new era with “Jabril (Let the Horns Blow)”

LA rap veteran Born Allah (a/k/a Daddy Grace) has been doing his thing for years now and he is ready to unleash his forthcoming EP, Analog Baby. In the interim, he clears the path with his new horn-driven anthemic banger “Jabril (Let the Horns Blow).”  Backed by the boisterous beat by German beatsmith Zpu-Zilla and vocal assist from Dilated People‘s Rakaa Iriscience, the record sets the tone for what to expect from Born Allah.

The title is a reference to Angel Gabriel and his proverbial horn which will be used to signal the end of the world but in this case, it signals the coming of Born Allah and Rakaa. Both emcees bring forth solid rhymes that are ripe with grown man elements and of course hip-hop bravado that we all love. Born Allah stands on all 10 toes as he proclaims “Its a grown man flow and ain’t nobody gotta say pause/ Might see me in a vehicle blowing indo out the window with the pump in my lap with the handle like a pistol” while Rakaa links the old with the new with lines like “The Dilated logo, connected local and global since payphones with the pagers and the pagers with the mobile, things change the real still salute the real.” The duo sure sound perfectly at home over Zilla’s bursting instrumental.

Pre-order Analog Baby on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon Music.


01. Dedication (feat. DJ Nu-Mark)

02. Brown Moses (feat. DJ Mark Luv)

03. Analog Baby

04. The Heavens

05. Heterosexual Blues

06. Jabril (Let the Horns Blow) (feat. Rakaa)

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