Bósa traverses boundaries by going “Off The Grid”

To learn, we travel. As an inherently curious species, we seek out experiences similar yet wholly exotic, prevailing in lands and cultures unknown for a glimpse of worldly knowledge. We cross boundaries to further our understanding, much like how music traverses languages for something universally understood. In times where we’re bound to our homes, it’s music like Bósa‘s that helps us explore the world’s possibilities sonically, and gives us an opportunity to fall into welcome dreams—an introduction to all that is innovative and unapologetically authentic.

Utilizing globally sourced field recordings from their travels as independent musicians, DJ/producers Stephan Jacobs and Sunev of Bósa have crafted a sound that pushes the boundaries of house music, clearly illuminated in their first full album Off The Grid. A sonic merger of the primal and the refined, blending methodically composed electronica with world inspired live percussion, Off The Grid delivers a stylistic cocktail of melting genres that harmoniously unfolds into a deeply fulfilling narrative—one that is an incredible showcase of their global sound.

True to the album’s name, Bósa provides a tapestry of omni rhythmic harmony that truly crosses genres for something that fully embraces the future of music. “This album was born of inspirations from a long history of enjoying world music, especially African and Brazilian percussion and rhythms as well as Eastern European and Indian sounds,” the duo shared in an interview with EDM Identity. “There is a synergy we tapped into making this album, exploring new terrain without boundaries of a construct beyond a BPM. Samples came from a myriad of sources along with friends as guest musicians. The sound evolves as does the universe, expanding. It becomes medicine and you feel the truth.”

Each of the seven tracks is ambitious, carefully crafted in a latticework of visceral organic rhythms for an almost palpable transcendence. Carrying listeners forward first is “Electric Blue,” a beautifully lush song that seemingly calls us to the shores of beaches yet known. Entrancing vocals echo its appellation with curious sensuality, reflected by the duo’s signature worldly touches for a unique house number. Following, “Batucada” is a flawless fusion of steady beats and urban-influenced breaks that complements its synth-driven bassline with effortless grace and grit. It’s a track that showcases the duo’s versatility and further emphasizes their sonic stance.

“Melange” is a sultry, French vocal-infused, guitar garnished house tune that’s powered by a grinding synthetic base. Undeniably funky and insatiable, listeners are left grooving in its wake. Switching things up, Bósa brings down the tempo for “Prowl.” A churning and powerfully commanding bass tune, “Prowl” roams the night with haunting vocals and impressively complex flamenco-style guitar work that beguiles even the sweetest of souls. Next, “Torn” echoes with a medley of croons, an eclectic, rock-infused gypsy ballad that billows into our ears. Off The Grid‘s penultimate track “Cenote” sounds as its name would imply—a natural tropical pool where people get down and dirty. Adding more tribal Eastern-European instruments to the fray, Bósa keeps it simple and paints a vivid visual that illustrates the track’s switch-up into woozy bass work. Finally, the album closes with “Piranha,”  a slightly darker, more mood driven endeavour coloured with otherworldly vocals and lonely riffs from a wild western slide guitar. Off The Grid follows their 2019 EP Eyes of the Jaguar with even more vigour and undoubtedly shows us something truly authentically Bósa—and something that will help us explore in these isolated times.

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