Boy Untitled applies a new perspective to “Losing Time” with a striking visual [Video]

Music, the same as any art form is wholly open to an individual’s interpretation, even if the key focus is already abundantly clear. LA-based artist Boy Untitled has expertly used that concept to provide a new dimension to his brooding alt-pop cut “Losing Time,” with a bold, and cleanly executed visual that nods to iconic, turn of the century pop culture aesthetics.

Initially focussed on a personal narrative of a strained relationship, the visual urges the secondary focus to the fore, our relationship with the planet via a backdrop of dramatic shots of the four earth elements. The vexed lyricism seamlessly transfers, almost as if it were the secular focus, to begin with.

“‘Losing Time’ is one of the most personal songs I’ve written. It’s about my failing marriage, struggling during the throws of quarantine. It’s about the feeling that despite my husband and my best efforts, we were losing ourselves in a battle against time,” Boy Untitled confesses in an email statement. “This sense of ownership over finding solutions to the problem – this personal journey that feels like life-or-death – is exactly how I invite the audience to feel about the climate crisis. This isn’t some problem we can put to someone else. It is here, now. While the leap between these two topics may feel unusual, I believe that feeling into the personal emotion of a problem is one of the keys to solving it.

Recalling Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me,” Boy Untitled walks in a confident rhythm with the pulsating, darkly tinted beat of the metamorphic production. The softly textured atmosphere that introduces the track is paired with a tranquil shot of the desert but as the sonic anticipation builds, it swiftly shifts to destructive scenes of lava as the track slowly unfurls into an engaging coalescence of upbeat club and contemplative dark pop themes.

Undulating between the more enveloping verses and the addictive head-nodding choruses, the thought-provoking narrative retains its prevalence; delivering a cumbersome account on love, an important reminder regarding our planet and a standout hit, all in one articulate package.

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