Brandy Haze says goodbye to exes in "No Reply"

Los Angeles-based R&B and pop artist Brandy Haze is known for her unique brand of music that resonates deeply with her listeners while delivering sophisticated and elite musical composure. Taking stylistic cues from various genres, Haze’s music is laced with introspective perspectives on life, love and everything in between.

Haze’s latest offering “No Reply” is from her new EP That’s Unfortunate, which details the artist's “tragic love life” and the journey of ups and downs in both romantic relationships and dating. “No Reply” follows the theme of leaving exes where they are supposed to stay – in the past. She confides, "I was thinking of what I wanted to say to the guy that I used to date the next time he texts my phone. That’s when ‘No Reply’ was born.” Layered with an intoxicating blend of sounds, ranging from rich soulful vocals, funky electric guitar, and a moody downtempo beat, the song feels slow, sultry and empowering all at once, and washes over you inpassionate R&B bliss. The dynamic production elements make the song feel fresh, bold, and there is a cleverly crafted approach to the music that makes the song continually engaging from start to finish, like reading a great chapter of a book or watching a TV episode you can’t take your eyes off of. All in all, the message and sonic landscape of "No Reply" is effortless and fully-realized from start to finish.

Brandy Haze is a rising artist with exceptional songwriting abilities. Her music feels somewhat eclectic, combining contemporary sounds sprinkled with hints of nostalgia that pull the listener in for a captivating and emotional experience. Her warm, soulful vocals are signature to the artist, who has been highly celebrated for her vocal range and delivery. 

“No Reply” is a chapter from Brand Haze's new EP That’s Unfortunate. Take a listen, and remember to move forward and let some things remain as they are.

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