Brasko takes us on a trip to “True Paradise”

Brasko is known for his controversial, boundary-pushing music, and his new song “True Paradise” is meant to numb our minds and take us away. 

“True Paradise” is the amalgamation of modern pop with a classic rock edge. The song opens with shrieking guitars, you can taste the Jellyfish and Queen influences, but there’s something undeniably unique about it. It feels like it overtakes your mind. 

Brasko is a true provocateur, demanding us to rip off all of our clothes and give him all our money, but when you sink deeper into the song, you get the darker connotations. He screams, “Let go of the pain, babe; it’s all in your brain, babe, so let’s numb it.” It’s a reflection of the artist that he doesn’t usually present to us. The overtly-sexual domineering presence is replaced with a need to numb something inside but it’s coated in a layer of denial. Brasko tells us, “I decided to dig into some more vulnerable topics about myself- depression, addiction, anger, feelings of inadequacy.”

The song’s unique sound comes from teaming up with the iconic Chris Greatti, the Glam Scene King behind Grimes, Poppy, and Yungblud, to name a few. The duo joined forces to explore the darker parts of their psyche and create their dream rock song. It’s a fresh take on glam rock, something with a little more edge to bleed into the saccharine scene.

Brasko broke onto the Nashville scene with his campy, glam pop. After his move to LA, his sound found the perfect home. His debut concept-album SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR took listeners into an elaborate imaginary voyeuristic world. He’s known for his theatrical live performances, in-your-face lyrics, and intricate themes. “True Paradise” is the first song off of his upcoming to-be-announced album.

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