Break out your “Ritual” with Future Husband’s debut single

There are no such thing as gloomy days when the music of Future Husband exists. The solo project of Dutch-Nigerian singer-songwriter Adura Sulaiman, Future Husband creates bright lounge-like pop, soft and warm, and lyrics laden with imagery. The first listen of her new debut single, “Ritual,” will leave you mesmerized.

The beginning of the track tiptoes with soft chimes and mysterious drone until it blossoms into a whirring production of gliding guitars and swinging, chirping synths. Just like the lyrics imply, the song feels like breaking free and going with the flow. It’s an understatement to say that her voice is sweet like honey, however, it’s hard not to fall for the way she confidently declares, “I believe that I’m still too young to pretend that I’m anything that I’m not.”

If she’s able to stir this much emotion through her debut track, one can only imagine what else she might come out with.

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