BREEDSWORLD' drops new hustler anthem with "DOLLA"

Bay Area artist BREEDSWORLD continues his streak of releases with a new entry titled “DOLLA,” a self-produced, motivational anthem for anyone in need of some inspiration—or a new banger for their summer playlist. Ripe with dark synths and atmospheric arpeggios, the track exudes the perfect urgency needed by listeners to propel them towards their goals. BREEDSWORLD knows a thing or two about hitting rock bottom and he is determined not to go back there as he explains his tactics in becoming financially buoyant in these crazy times.

Thematically, the track symbolizes the rapper's breakthrough after experiencing writer's block for a short spell. "DOLLA" was the first record he wrote and it served as the perfect impetus for BREEDWORLD's continuous songwriting. The track is the ultimate culmination of his struggle and experiences. We all can surely relate to the financial aspect because being broke is a joke and BREEDWORLD is definitely not laughing.

No project is attached to the single as of yet but it's a solid follow up to his previous two releases “RIDER” and “Roof Top,” both of which showcased his talents as a lyricist who’s also adept at songwriting.

Get "DOLLA" on all DSPs here.

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