Breezy iDeyGoké hits all the high notes on “Bag A Man”

Afro-Irish artist Breezy iDeyGoké is back with a groovy new single “Bag A Man” from his upcoming EP I-DEY

Ready to step foot back on the court, Breezy is back with his new single “Bag A Man”. This afrobeats/hip-hop fusion is an exciting listen from the powerful wordsmith. Bright and plush synths paired with an afro-inspired rhythm section takes the listener on a musical journey. The instrumentation is very sparse on this one but it creates the space for Breezy to clearly paint his vision of what this sonic palette can produce. 

Lyrically, Breezy is finding pockets and flows that you don’t get much of off the island of Ireland. The ear for melodies and cadence infused with exceptionally simple, direct songwriting allows the listener to fully envelop themselves into this world as its being created in front of them. 

After what felt like two years since a solo release, Breezy returned to the scene in response to the Black Lives Matter movement with the release of “Black Dubh”. The thought-provoking single was viewed as an important moment for the Irish hip-hop scene. In the last year, Breezy has continued expanding upon this growing fanbase through his collective Sim Simma Soundsystem. With the release of the collective’s compilation project Pass The Aux Chord, Breezy and his team had a significant festival run through last year with performances at festivals in both the UK and Ireland. 

It now feels like we’re on the verge of a tidal wave coming out of the Sim Simma camp. With two incredible singles from Breezy out now, we are extremely excited to see what is next for Breezy iDeyGoké. 

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