Bria The Artist shares smooth single “Cocoa”

Bria The Artist has shared a new single called “Cocoa”. Originally hailing from Westchester, New York, she attended Lincoln University where she majored in visual arts. Her single “People Fall In Love In Heaven” from 2021 gained her wider acclaim and it received a co-sign from Ne-Yo. For her latest offering, Bria invites us along on  a transcendent musical journey with her organic, soul-infused single “Cocoa.” Its delicate rhythms and intimate atmosphere blend genres such as R&B, hip-hop, ambient, and pop seamlessly to create a balanced, vivid soundscape.

With melodic electricity, the track is illuminated by a character-rich vocal performance and sleek, smooth instrumentation. It conjures Janelle Monáe’s signature soulfulness in an entirely new way- light and dextrous as air and overflowing with love. The resulting sound is dreamy bliss that radiates affection to its core, transporting listeners into another world with its vibrant songwriting and luscious sonics.

The production serves as a solid backbone to the storytelling, with unexpected nuances and clever turns that elevate warmth. The narration waxes poetically between what lies beyond reality in one moment and its tangible presence in another. As guitar plucks gently fill out the mix, striking bass lines provide an entrancing foundation from which tension can gradually mount until reaching a mesmerizing conclusion.

Bria The Artist, celebrates her love of language with the heartfelt ode “Cocoa.” Her verses drip like liquid chocolate, leaving a sweet and savory taste on your tongue.

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