Brick + Mortar encapsulating silver linings on ‘Melting UP’

American alternative rock duo Brick + Mortar deliver a catchy yet unsettling collection of songs spanning expansive yet deeply resonant themes of economic inequality, social justice, and depression in their recent album Melting UP.

Striking an intricate balance between feelings of angst and hope, the project brings glitching synths and lacerating electric guitars to craft a groovy but contemplative soundscape that forms the perfect vessel for the dark-edge lyricism woven into each track.

Opening with soaring melodies of “Mystery to Myself,” moving into the fierce and foreboding feels of “Don’t Panic,”  the album captures our deepest moments of insecurities, inspired by the loss of control that settled upon most of us during the pandemic.

Showcasing their sonic versatility, which nestles between powerful punk-tinged anthems and lush pop sensibilities, the seven-track collection swerves seamlessly from the menacing moments of “No Gods,” to the hushed arrangement of “Hangman Comes,” ending with the slow notes of “Glamour of a Food Stamp,” Melting UPis a fascinating blend of vulnerability and strength, a raw exploration of pain from deep within us framed by an ironic sense of hopefulness.

Pulling on the metaphor of “melting up” when everything around you melts down, Brick + Mortar offer up the silver lining that we all need to pause and take in within our own lives.

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