Brighton explores relationships inspired by his girlfriend on debut EP Dreaming

Southern California musician Brighton delves into themes of relationships, spanning from heartbreak to epic love stories on debut EP Dreaming, a six-track production swirling with upbeat pop. Self-written and self-produced, the EP builds as a love letter to his current girlfriend Cassie Randolph.

Opening with hazy title track “Dreaming,” the EP immediately sets listeners up for sweet romanticism as the summery anthem leads into the soaring soundscape of “Call It What You Want,” which highlights the model-producer’s calming yet emotive vocals. Tapping into a signature guitar-led musicality, Brighton infuses an anthemic energy on “I Don’t Wanna Talk,” built on electronic beats and dance vibes.

Moving into stand-out track “lotto,” a warm, beachy offering swirling with woozy synths and laid-back verses and the uplifting pop of “What A Shame,” the EP establishes the emerging act’s sonic versatility as his soft vocals transition seamless into suave, sing-song rap.

A record that remains feel-good from beginning to end, even as his introspective song writing touch on varying emotions, closing track “Tell Me How You Feel,” slows things down with gentle instrumentals for a blissful finish.Drawn from his own experience with relationships, Dreaming is bittersweet and hopeful in perfect halves as it leads us through failed romances and happy endings in a relatable reminiscence of our own lives embedded in lush sonics.

With a knack for blending genres of electronic with pop and rock, Brighton whose love for music began at a young age has carried a fierce passion for his craft framed by vulnerability and healing- his high-energy, carefree sound setting him up for success.

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