Brit rocker Rhys E  brings nostalgia and upliftment to EP Sound & Colour

Northwest England musician Rhys E takes us through an eclectic puzzle of sounds on Brit rock EP Sound & Colour, a collection of six anthemic tracks rooted in uplifting nostalgia. Hinged on his hazy vocals, the tracks come alive as a blend of soaring strings and echoing beats as Rhys taps into a signature indie-rock sound for a hypnotic musical journey.

Opening with slow-build feels of title track “Sound & Colour,” the EP establishes itself as emotive and passionate. Following guitar-led offering “Dunno If You’d Like Me When I’m Sober,” is a spirited showcase of Rhys’ heartfelt voice and candid lyrics before moving to stand-out track “Week After Week After Week,” an uber groovy production founded on pulsing beats and fierce delivery.  

“Find It On The News,” flips the sound around from foreboding tones into something warmer before swerving back into sharp percussions with “Won’t Have To Wait Forever,” with stripped back sensibilities that shine a light on gentle female backing vocals alongside Rhys’ deeper style. Final track “Same Mistake,” weaves vibrant guitar soundscapes making for a feel-good ending to Sound & Colour.

Having been consistently building his reputation in the indie rock scene since April 2020, Rhys E has grown quickly landing headline gigs and support slots even as a maintains a steady flow of addictive releases. With this latest project, he proves that there’s nothing slowing down his ascent to stardom.

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