British-Asian musician Neha drops lush debut single "Only People Are" [Video]

British-Asian singer-songwriter Neha drops lush debut single “Only People Are”—an empowering pop offering led by the young musician’s husky but bold vocals. With a catchy soundscape build on intricate guitars and synths, the track reminds us love can be simple if people can let go of their egos and complexities.

The track is a self- confident foray into romance that sweeps away any dramatic frills built around relationships as it encourages us to approach love with an open mind. Neha weaves a relatable narrative drowned in uber-groovy melodies delivering a seamless combination of modern pop with nuances of her Asian influence.  

Showcasing her impressive vocal strength and tapping into her professional training the 18-year-old boasts a polished artistry beyond her years on her first foray. She strikes a perfect balance between a mature, refined sound and youthful, fun vibes as the vibrance of the accompanying music video amps up the charm.

Having graduated with a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production, Neha who is currently working on a forthcoming EP with platinum-selling songwriter and producer Darren Martyn,  makes an impressive start to her musical journey already establishing herself as an act to watch with her winning combination of smooth sonics and strong lyricism.

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